Gunspinning VR 1.0.0 is OUT

Hi there!

It's been a long time since the last update but today I'm very proud to announce that we're at the end of the development! I released a new version which is just awesome.

Changelog (TD;DR version)

  • NoloVR Support on Android and PC (cc OSVR guys)
  • New trees
  • 3 new levels (for a total of 5)
  • Subtitles
  • New Post Processing Stack (Beautify)
  • Android and GearVR support
  • Windows Store (Universal App) support

Welcome to Android

For all purchase of the game, you'll have access to the Android Cardboard and GearVR versions for FREE! I also added a guide to setup the GearVR version on your phone using the required signature file.
Be careful, the Android version is not considered as stable yet, but it was tested on my Galaxy S6 without any crashes.

GearVR users: You have to follow this link if you want to inject your custom osig file into the APK. The method provided in my PDF seems to doesn't work.

All users: You'll maybe see a popup telling you that you must upgrade the Ximmerse package. Close this message you don't have to upgrade anything. In a second release, I'll disable the Ximmerse implementation and make a dedicated build for that.

Welcome to Windows Store

As you may know Microsoft is working on VR headset and they'll be available for the end of the year. Those headsets will works on the Windows Universal Platform. So I decided to support this platform, the game will be released by the end of August on the Windows Store and will be compatible with Microsoft's VR headsets.

This is not the end

Now I have to polish the game by tweaking it! I also have a lot of ideas for extending the game :) If you have suggestions, please contact me, I'll be happy to talk with you about it.

Files 104 MB
Jun 29, 2017 104 MB
Jun 29, 2017 141 MB
Jun 29, 2017 154 MB
Jun 29, 2017 144 MB
Jun 29, 2017 160 MB
Jun 29, 2017

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Unfortunately, the method provided to add the signature file for GearVR didn't work. As soon as the apk is changed by 7-Zip, it is considered as corrupt by my phone and won't install.

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Hi, I'm sorry to read that, please try this tricks it must work using the SideloadInjector

How do I use the android cardboard beta? I tried adding .apk to the file and it installed but it crashes when I try to run it. I would have thought that my Note4 would have been powerful enough... maybe it isnt?

Hi, I'll try to reproduce the bug and post and update if it's a bug.

All I have to do is start it and it immediately crashes.

and thank you

It's fixed, thank you for your feedback! The file is

Have fun!

Ximmerse app cannot run unless you update Ximmerse services.
cant find the app not sure how to update that.

Ximmerse is supported only on Android and it's for the Outside/In Devkit. The current CV1 is not supported because the SDK is not yet available.

I intend to test out the NOLO function

This is the best test you can do in that release ;)