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There are weird things in town, people have changed, they look different.. they look dead, but they are alive! I don’t know why but this giant flying disc is probably responsible. It flew over my ranch, and left for the city. I’ve to follow it.

GunSpinning VR is a rail shooter that takes place in a small city in the wild west. The city is invested by zombies and aliens and you have to clean it up to find the source of the infection.

The Game

The game is optimized for Mixed Reality Immersive Headsets as well as flat screens. You can play using a gamepad or a set of motion controllers. There are three game modes

  • Learn the game basics in the ranch by shooting bottles
  • Play and complete the game in story mode
  • Try it if you dare... and challenge your best score


The option panel contains a lot of options to tweak the game. Mixed Reality users have to worry about two things : Post Processing and SunShaft. Both effects requires a good GPU, especially the last one !


A smal trial is available with a full access to the training mode and the very begining of the story mode. It allows you to try the game on your computer.


  • Arcade VR Wild West Rail Shooter
  • Sweet Country musics
  • 8 levels
  • 3 game modes
  • VR not required
  • OSVR / Oculus Rift  / HTC Vive / Windows Mixed Reality
  • Oculus Touch / NoloVR / Ximmerse / Gamepad
  • Android Cardboard / GearVR

Supported Inputs

The game supports many input system from Gamepad to Motion Controllers. 

GamepadWindows / Linux / Mac / Android
Oculus TouchWindows
SteamVR ControllersWindows / Linux / Mac
Windows Mixed RealityWindows 10
OSVR Input SystemWindows / Linux / Mac
NoloVRWindows / Android
Ximmerse Outside/In DevkitAndroid



Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

gunspinning-vr-windows-x86.zip 245 MB
Version 1.6.0
gunspinning-vr-windows-x64.zip 251 MB
Version 1.6.0
gunspinning-vr-linux.zip 302 MB
Version 1.6.0
gunspinning-vr-osx.zip 295 MB
Version 1.6.0
gunspinning-vr-android-cardboard-beta.zip 106 MB
Version 1.1.1
gunspinning-vr-android-gearvr-beta.zip 105 MB
Version 1.1.1
Wallpapers.zip 10 MB

Also available on

Download demo

gunspinning-vr-windows-x86-demo.zip 145 MB
Version 1.6.0
gunspinning-vr-osx-demo.zip 193 MB
Version 1.6.0
gunspinning-vr-linux-demo.zip 200 MB
Version 1.6.0
gunspinning-vr-windows-x64-demo.zip 150 MB
Version 1.6.0

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