GunSpinning VR for Oculus Quest is out!

Hi there!

It's been a while since an update was posted here. Today I'm proud to release the first version for the Oculus Quest! What has changed in a year? How looks the game now?

The long hard road to optimization

The initial version was not very optimized, mainly because of assets. The first Android versions was slow and required a high-end Android device. So I decided to change that by optimizing every assets in the game. Starting now, all 3d models have LODs (Level Of Details) and/or are smarty merged. The result is a much lower draw calls. Those optimizations makes the game really fast on PC and smooth on standalone VR headsets such as the Oculus Quest or the Vive Focus.

What have changed?

The gameplay is exactly the same but everything was improved. For instance the motion controllers are smoother now. I've also removed some components that are for me deprected. New platforms was added...

Vive Focus on the way

The Vive Focus (WaveVR) version is almost ready, I have to wait a new SDK version that fixes the inputs.. 

PicoVR release

The game is now available from WEARVR on Pico standalone headsets (G1, G2 and Neo)

OSVR support was removed

Unfortunatly OSVR is today almost dead.. The runtime still works and will work for many years. But the SDKs for Unity and Unreal are totally outdated. I don't want to give you a degrated integration because SDKs was not updated. To be more precise, Unity 2018 have removed a feature that was used by the OSVR's rendering plugin allowing it to use the Unity.XR subsystem. It's sad because starting Unity 2018 OSVR users have to use a dual camera setup, which is a pain to manage for developers, but also a performance killer. Since Unreal Engine 4.22, the OSVR plugin was dropped..

I asked if the OSVR team have plans to make it OpenXR compatible, but it doesn't seems to be a priority. So if you're an OSVR user, I recommand you to switch to Windows Mixed Reality / Oculus Rift or Oculus Quest.

I can (and want to) add support again if the OSVR SDK is updated to Unity 2019+ and can work with Unity.XR.

NoloVR support was removed

Now that the Oculus Quest, the Vive Focus and other standalone headsets are out the NoloVR support have less sense

Where are the other versions?

It's coming in few days, everything will be upgraded to the 2.0 branch. 


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