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This game is a six degrees of freedom shooter inspired by Forsaken and Descent. You must take advantages of your zero gravity bike to solve and complete the levels. Start with a simple laser and grab more weapons to become a real war machine! Translations available in English and French!

Take a look at the blog posts for more news about what is coming!

Built for Virtual Reality

The game supports 4 types of HMD

  1. OpenXR: Oculus, SteamVR, Windows MR
  2. Oculus Quest (Native)


You can play with a gamepad, a keyboard and a mouse or using XR controllers. On mobile, it's strongly recommanded to use a bluetooth or USB controller but a touch controller is enabled by default if no gamepad is connected.

Thanks for playing !


M.A.R.S. Extraction is a game initialy created during the #7dfps challenge (from 11-8-2014 to 11-15-2014).


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mars-extraction-windows-x64.zip 135 MB
Version 3.99.0
M.A.R.S. Extraction 1.8.7 Android 45 MB
M.A.R.S. Extraction #7DFPS.zip 64 MB
Goodies (concept, wallpapers, etc.) 41 MB
marsextraction_1.10.1-linux.zip 86 MB
marsextraction_1.10.1-mac.zip 86 MB
M.A.R.S. Extraction - Quest Pre-BETA 163 MB

Development log


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A screen grab of the keyboard controls needed for this game would be very helpful... Would love to play it more but without the need for "hunt and peck" on the keyboard trying different keys to see what works and what doesnt work.  i.e. Press A to activate the elevator..... WRONG..... its E that activates the elevator.

демониксис, у вас была игра Leheritage maudit, есть  полная версия этой игры?

Стилистика хорошая!!!

Sorry I can't really write in Russia but if I google translate your post, you're asking for the complete version of L'heritage maudit right? The game is unfortunatly stopped at this time.


is this available in non-VR for DInput HOSAS sticks?

You can start it without VR by unpluggin your VR headset.

I'm not sure if this joystick works, but tell me if it works or not because an update can maybe add it.

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I see no options for remapping controls, it only responds to the mouse and keyboard. a joystick  cannot "just work" with a generic control mapping, because there are so many variations - hats, thumb buttons, twist axes etc. You need a full Direct Input (XInput/generic gamepad mappings won't cut it) mapping utility page under Input if you want to attract the 6DOF crowd


i dont open this game

is this game offline?

Yes it is

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Hi! i just want to ask you guys why when im playing the words of the tutorial is like TutorialBeginMessage.01? can you help me, developer? (PLS REPLY)

I really want to play this game because its game size is smol and doesnt  need high system

Hello, it looks like your computer doesn't meet the minimum required configuration. Try to update your drivers first.

i mean the game bugged and didn't show the message it just shows the game script


is this a game or a black fucking screen cuz all i see is a fucking black screen



Thanks for your comment, it helps a lot to fix your issue.

Anyway it seems to work on other player's computer so please take a look at your drivers. Without any other informations I can't help. If you're on mac, it's possible it doesn't work because it's an old build.

I'll be glad to help you to run the game, but first be polite.

Just played the tutorial level of 2.0.0 on Valve Index. So far my complaints are: inability to invert Y axis look to "proper" 6DOF control makes it feel awkward, unless I simply missed it in the options; the menu seems erratic to navigate and I'm frequently losing where the supposed cursor is; the sound effect for changing weapon is very harsh and the volume varies *dramatically*, to the point of pain for me when volume is otherwise set normally. That and there was a typo for something like 'tutorial.ennemy.message.0' in dialog, where it should be enemy. Not that those are anything but placeholders anyhow, obviously.

Otherwise, it looks promising! Could always do with more Descent successors.


Thanks for your report, the Y axis inversion is available on the quest version, I need to update the PC version too. I'll fix the translation issue too.

Any plans to release it for the Quest?

I'm working on a sidequest version. The game will be free and is now free on itch.io!

Hello, the Quest pre-beta is available to download today! Soon on SideQuest too.

Nice! Looking forward to it :)

You can download it right now from the itch.io page. Also the game is now free, including next updates.

I know! But most people look for Quest games on Sidequest. So looking forward to it for the community to have another awesome game over there :)

Thanks! I'm on it, both M.A.R.S. Extraction and GunSpinning VR are coming to sidequest. It's a matter of days/weeks


Hi, are you gonna release it for the quest? Looks awesome!


Do you want it for the Quest? I can try ;)

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If it's done with 6dof it would be cool yeah. Definitely worth it for Sidequest .

Hello, the Quest pre-beta is available to download today! Soon on SideQuest too.

I second the vote for a Quest version!

I've a very WIP version. I don't have too much time right now, but come back later because I'll do it. Not sure for sidequest except if they change the submission process (it's fine with github, but not with itch.io)

I’m interested in a Quest version too!

I'm working on a sidequest version. The game will be free and is now free on itch.io!

Hello, the Quest pre-beta is available to download today! Soon on SideQuest too.

Sidequest is very friendly, and wants to make it work for you...

I'm working on a sidequest version. The game will be free and is now free on itch.io!

I'm working on a sidequest version. The game will be free and is now free on itch.io!

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Hello. We are working on a motion sim (https://www.facebook.com/eight...).  Can we get any telemetry outputs from the game?

hi, thanks for your interest! No output right now but it's easy for me to do that. What do you want exactly? Rotation, velocity? Please contact me at comte.yannick(at) gmail.com

Hello there! I am trying to play it using a gamepad on my pnone (moto x 2)with no success. Do I need to do some special configuration that I am not aware of?


There is the list of supported gamepad on Android

* Amazon Fire Game controller and remote.
* Android TV controller and remote.
* GameStick on itself and on Linux.
* Google Nexus Player controller and remote.
* Green Throttle Atlas.
* NVIDIA Shield.
* OUYA Everywhere
* PlayStation 3.
* PlayStation 4.
* Samsung GP20.
* Xbox 360
* A variety of Xbox 360 clones are supported.
* Some generic Android controllers are supported.
* Some generic Blackberry controllers are supported.
* Keyboard and Mouse support.

I have planned to work on an update for Android with a configurable input system. I can't work on it right now because I'm on another game project (see GunSpinning VR). But this feature will come after summer.


The source code is not available for sale, the APK is the full game for Android. Note that it's not updated, the latest version is only available for PC. I'll update the Android port later next month.

The game is made with Unity and the latest version uses the latest OSVR-Unity SDK.

What do you want to do? This game is here for players only. If you want extra licence or anything else, please contact me by mail.

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Some questions about M.A.R.S. Extraction 1.8.7 Android.

We want to purchase this game for Android. Is it a source code or an APK file?

We want to update the game to the latest OSVR-Unreal plugin source. Copy the OSVRUnreal/Plugins directory to your existing game's directory, or is there anything else I should consider? was it successful?

Thank you.