Oculus Quest, here we come!

Hi there,

Long time now see. Today I'm pleased to announce that a new update of M.A.R.S. Extraction is coming in few days. This release will introduce the Oculus Quest version, as well as a better VR port on all other platforms! The game was updated to the latest version of Unity (2019.3.6), with the new XR stack, the new Input System and the new Universal Render Pipeline. Whoo so much new things! I spent the last years to improve my VR skills on other projects such as GunSpinning VR or TES3Unity. 

Better VR support

In the previous version, the menus was controlled using a gamepad. Now you can continue to use a gamepad (you can bind a bluetooth gamepad on the Oculus Quest in the Experimental Feature menu) or use the motion controllers which is easier. 

The motion controllers will be displayed during the game, but only the joysticks and buttons are used to control the gravity bike. A new control mode has been also added, that is simpler and more intuitive.

Finally the performances was improved a lot, so improved that the game runs at 72 FPS on the Quest with medium quality, PBR Shading and... Post Processing (Including Bloom!).

As I said, this build uses the last XR Stack of Unity 2019, that means the following devices are supported for now:

  • Oculus Rift Familly (CV1, S, Quest + Link)
  • Oculus Quest
  • Oculus Go (Not tried, but It should work with a gamepad)
  • Windows Mixed Reality

SteamVR is not yet supported because Valve haven't released its driver. We know that it's coming because this driver is already on github, so SteamVR users can expect an update as soon as the driver is released.

I can support headsets that provide an XR driver for the new XR stack in Unity.

The game is now FREE

As you can see on the game page, every builds are FREE on itch.io :-) You can download the version that you want and enjoy the game.

New builds will be released in the coming days on itch.io and on SideQuest in few weeks.

To finish this blogpost, there is a new video showing you the game running on the Oculus Quest!


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The coolest features of the original Descent games was the ability to customize the controls and the ability to play multiplayer. I would pay to purchase this game if these features were part of the program.