A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This game was made in less then 48h during the GameJam #10 organized by the GameDevParty in Lyon (France). It's only located to French and there is only one level for now.


In a 2D world the third dimension is the time... You control a boy who have the ability to throw his fists and dematerialize himself to pass through some walls. You have to get out of the house.

The game is optimized to be used with an Xbox controller.


  • Q/D/Left/Right: Move left or right
  • Space: Jump (A button)
  • A: Cancel (B button)
  • E: Use (X button)
  • Tab: Screenshot
  • Left Click: Jump (A button)
  • Middle Click: Action 2 (L2)
  • Right Click: Action 1 (L1)

Web Build

You can try the game in your browser by following this link.



Pixelated Quantum 3D_0.1.2-windows_x86.zip 27 MB
Pixelated Quantum 3D_0.1.2-windows_x64.zip 29 MB
Pixelated Quantum 3D_0.1.2-linux.zip 40 MB
Pixelated Quantum 3D_0.1.2-mac.zip 40 MB

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